• Work gently with filo pastry.
  • Layer or roll without pressing down firmly onto the layers.
  • Air trapped between the layers is a good thing and will ensure lightness and enable the pastry to expand during baking.
  • If rolled too tightly, rolls may crack or open during baking.
  • If making large layered pies, use the whole sheet of filo pastry to prevent wastage. Fold it in to fit the dish used.
  • For smaller pies, cut neatly into squares or strips as per the recipe. Fold the pastry the press down, unfold and cut through the fold line with a sharp smooth-edged knife or scissors. Several sheets may be folded and cut at the same time.
  • To cut large pastries such as Baklava neatly, cut only through the top layers of pastry before baking and then right through after it has been baked.
  •  If the pastry is too crisp to cut neatly after baking, cover with a tea towel for 10 minutes to allow steam to soften it before cutting.
  • Be guided by the correct temperature for each recipe.
  • Products baked in a too hot oven will brown too much or too soon and can crack and burst open.
  • If the oven is too cool, the pastry will dry out during baking and the inside layers may not bake sufficiently.
  • Use non-stick bakeware or line baking trays with baking paper to save clean up time. Always brush baking paper, baking trays or tins lightly with melted butter or oil.

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