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Timos was established in 1990 by the father and son team of Timos and Jason Devliotos, at a time when filo pastry was an imported product and, in New Zealand at the time expensive. They had a relative in Greece who was manufacturing and selling machinery that produced Filo pastry. Their experience led them to believe there was a demand for quality filo pastry to be produced in NZ and subsequently imported the specialized machinery to produce the product.

As taste and demand by New Zealand consumers for foods from all over Euope increased, so too has the requirement and subsequent popularity for healthier choices. Filo pastry with its lower fat content than many other pastries has seen demand grow substantially over the years. Growth at Timos has been achieved over 23 years through the company’s focus on product quality along with the introduction of additional products.

Time and considerable financial investment has been made by the company in the creation of new equipment in order to deliver high quality product to the market. This in combination with a clear focus on looking after both staff and customers has seen Timos successfully grow into the business it is today. In January 2014, Timos Foods was acquired by Lincoln Bakery, a local manufacturer of finger food products based in Auckland New Zealand (www.lincolnbakery.co.nz). The Timos operation will be moved to Henderson to a purpose built facility to continue to produce high quality Filo pastry products Timos are known for.